The Thrifty Yankee

I’ve been practicing the art of Yankee Thrift my entire life, although I didn’t know until I moved to New England that it had a name! I’m pleased to announce that I will be self-publishing a book about my adventures, mistakes and hard-earned lessons in Yankee Thrift. More details on The Thrifty Yankee’s Guide with be forthcoming in spring 2021!

Vintage Fenton art glass vase from a rummage sale: $1.

Old brass candlesticks from a Kennebunk yard sale: $1.

Working yellow rotary phone from an estate sale: $6.

Flowers from my husband: Priceless

Yankee Thrift Explained, The New Yorker, March 25, 1961:

Take thrift, that presumed state of misery and penny-pinching. Proper Yankee thrift, on the contrary, feels delicious. In my experience there is a kind of nausea that attends too long a time of buying too many clothes for too much money; of paying more for restaurant dinners than they are worth; of disgorging lavish tips for which one is not even thanked (as who doesn’t have to, these days). When this malaise comes on, it makes me feel better, and less as if I were going to throw up, to flex the muscles of my Yankee Thrift.”