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Hillstock is an independently owned vintage stock image and greeting card company in Maine offering images spanning from the Victorian era through the 1950's. The Hillstock Collection™ is digitized directly from the vintage art sources in our private collection and is registered with the United States Copyright Office. We work with individuals, advertising firms, designers, small & large businesses and wholesale product manufacturers seeking high quality images with stunning print results.

Averyl Hill, the owner of Hillstock was initially inspired by her grandmother's collection of Victorian "scraps" and ephemera that she has collected throughout the course of her lifetime. She thought that others would cherish and enjoy images of the past for use in their creative projects. She continues to add to the growing collection by attending estate sales to acquire additional vintage image sources. Averyl also draws upon her Master of Science in Counseling- her formal training included the use of art therapy to influence moods. With her background and sharp eye she selects images that for many people evoke nostalgia, happiness and peace.

As a family owned business we do not want to just make a living; we want to pass on a way of life- the good old days. We believe that many of the early American illustrators embraced an innocence and magic that modern society craves.

Giving back to the community has always been a practice of ours. Hillstock has sponsored a cage at our local animal shelter, was a national corporate sponsor of Toys for Tots in 2005, has volunteered with and donated art to the Scarborough, Maine Veterans Home, the historic Victoria Mansion and other worthwhile causes.

The Hillstock Collection™ © Hillstock, LLC. All rights reserved. Passing along the good old days since 2002.


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